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Underfloor Heating

Techno Floor Heating | Underfloor Heating

Modern electrical underfloor heating systems have evolved into a far more user friendly and cost effective means of heating than was the case a few decades ago when electrical underfloor heating was both costly to install and slow to respond to temperature changes.

Techno underfloor heating systems will provide you with both a cost effective and healthy means of heating .With a Techno underfloor heating system , keeping your home warm is inexpensive and the installation of these systems is suitable for both retro fit and new installations.


Techno underfloor heating systems offer you the most efficient way of heating your home. Because warm air rises, you get the best potential heating benefit from an underfloor heating system as opposed to any other form of heating, and you avoid hot spots and excessive convection which is a known cause of aggravated allergies. (No dry eyes or runny noses.)

Peace of mind

All installations are done by our highly experienced staff and you can rest assured that your underfloor heating installation will be completed in a professional and efficient manner. Due to the nature of the Techno underfloor heating system, even the most complex installations can be handled with ease.


Techno underfloor heating systems come standard with a 10 YEAR FACTORY BACKED WARRANTY on all screeded installations, a 5 YEAR FACTORY BACKED WARRANTY on carpet and laminate pad installations, and a 2 YEAR FACTORY BACKED WARRANTY on all thermostats.


Techno underfloor heating systems offer a range of thermostats which cater for all your temperature control needs. Our thermostats range from our basic analogue systems to our top of the range touch screen controller, which includes features such as multiple daily temperature settings, separate week day, week end, settings and a holiday setting.


Techno underfloor heating systems have been SABS tested and approved and we install double insulated, earthed heaters in all bathrooms and wetted areas.

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