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WELCOME TO Underfloor Heating, Floor Heating, Under Floor Heating


Welcome to Techno floor heating where we offer you an electric floor surface heating system, which unlike traditional heating that is embedded deep into the slab. The difference between our product and others, is that it runs at less than half the cost and reduces your power consumption. Our aim is to provide you with a high quality product, at a great price, backed by excellent customer service. We are happy to assist with all your heating requirements!


Q: Q: How do I calculate areas that need UFH?

  • What are the most common areas of your house hold? Look at areas that you spend the most time in. (Bedrooms, bathrooms, Kitchen and living area)
  • Remember that open plan areas will require more heating than rooms like bedrooms.

Q: How does underfloor heating work in wet areas?

A:When underfloor heating is installed in kitchens or bathrooms the element wires are double insulated or protected by an earth leakage circuit breaker, this is a SABS wiring code. This will make your underfloor heating safe to use in areas where water could be present.

Q: Why do we need a thermostat?

A: Your thermostat is primarily used to pre-set the timing of the underfloor heating at various intervals of the day / night, this will reduce the cost greatly as the underfloor heating will not be on 24hrs a day. It will also read the ambient tempreture of the room and regulate heat as pre-set by yourself, this will leave you feeling comfortable and warm.

Q: What is the heat up time on the underfloor heating, and are the running costs economical?

A: Once it is turned on, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room within one – two hours. Because your underfloor heating element is directly beneath the floor surface, it will heat up the room quicker than that of a conventional heater. This will save you up to 65% on your heating bill  

Q: Is underfloor heating safe?

A: Your underfloor heating is installed directly beneath your flooring, so there are no exposed wires. In areas that are prone to water, the underfloor heating is protected by double insulation and earthed for your protection

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