If you are worried about removing your entire flooring system, then dont worry, as the heated carpet mat is ideal solution that will save you thousands of Rands So what is it? The heated carpet mat is encased in dual sided carpets when manufactured, it also contains a built in thermostat to regulate the tempreture This product is available in aray of different sizes, and for those not so common sizes we do manufacture as per your specification

A safe, easy to use and fully mobile product that is reliable and can be easily stored

"Intelligent – can save as much as 30% on operating costs"


    • HEATED CARPET 300 WATTS (1.2m x 1.4m)
    • HEATED CARPET 500 WATTS (1.6m x 1.6m)
    • HEATED CARPET 750 WATTS (2.0m x 1.8m)

Foot Warmer (For the ladies in the office)


* 220/230 VAC 50HZ
* 75/85 WATTS
* Nickel plated copper element extruded in E.T.F.E.
* Internal Thermostat
* Heater element enclosed in an aluminium sheath
* Moulded 3 pin plug (2 Meters)
* Supply cord, dual sided
* 600mm x 400mm
* Safe for children and the elderly
* Extreme low running costs
* Minimum storage space required
* Light, portable and durable
* Durable and Reliable
* Made in South Africa SIZES Please send us your specifications or you can use the guide below as a reference Foot warmers 600 x 400 75/85 WATTS 600 x 900 150-250 WATTS Heated Carpets 1.2 X 1.4 300WATTS 1.6 X 1.6 500WATTS 1.6 X 2.3 750WATTS 1.8 X 2.0 750WATTS If you have existing rugs we can provide you with just the heating pad that will be placed directly under your rug INSERT PICTURE foil heater Contact Us